« ThinkSmall » is an hommage to the Volkswagen Beetle 1959 advertising campaign slogan. This counter-intuitive message was a revolution at a time where mass consumerism was kicking off.

The idea behind it was that those who need a reliable car to go from point A to point B don’t need more than a Beetle.

Guess what… This slogan remains accurate nowadays, when thinking web design. And we’ve applied this minimalist philosophy to our SlimFast YouTube Lazyloader.

Here is why… Too many plugins propose lots of customisations, which in the end, aren’t useful. They make your pages heavy and require advanced maintenance due to their complexity. Our first plugin, the SlimFast YouTube Lazyloader, only does 1 thing but does it right: it reduces significantly the weight and loading time of your pages containing Youtube videos by lazyloading them. Go check the demo and you’ll see!

think small advertising campaign